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LED / Smart TV repairing course

Led Lcd smart tv repairing course in Delhi provides this LED LCD TV repairing course at the most affordable price by industry’s experts. From the basic understanding of LED Smart tv & LCD technology to practical knowledge of assembling and disassembling of components, replacing components, tracing and fault repair techniques.

Join Led Lcd Tv Repairing Course in Delhi, India As we can noticeably see the increasing demand for LED TVs and so does the requirement of repairing LED & LCD TVs is also growing at a rapid pace. Nowadays no room is considered complete without the installation of flat LEDs & LCDs, be it in bedroom or drawing room. At ABC Mobile Institute of Technology, we tend to begin this course with the basic level training that includes the understanding & functioning of power supply, controller, circuit. Further, the course moves towards its advance level that comprised fixing and testing of resistor, inductor, capacitor and concluded with diploma certificate in LED TV repair technology. With this complete knowledge, you may start your own business or get instant jobs from the branded LED TV manufacturing companies like Sony, Panasonic, LG and other . Join Best Led Lcd Tv Repairing Institute in delhi, Laxmi nagar 100% practical class provide ABC Institute.

Led Lcd Smart Tv repairing course syllabus:-

This LCD LED Smart TV repairing Course outlines following elements:

  • Identifying and understanding the basic block diagram of LCD/LED television
  • Liquid crystal diode (LCD) and Light emitting diode (LED) displays
  • Understanding of power supply and inventor board
  • Understanding led lcd smart tv and functioning of main processing logic board
  • Understanding and functioning of controller
  • Understanding and functioning of LCD/ LED/ Smart Tv driver unit,
  • Understanding and functioning of Standby Circuit
  • Introduction to LCD/LED technology
  • Comparison between the CRT technology, LCD technology and LED technology
  • Advantages and disadvantages of these modern technologies
  • Various modern system advantages
  • Colour quality
  • Working of smart apps
  • Storage details
  • Understanding, functioning, programming and updating flash ROM
  • HDMI data system
  • Tools, tricks and equipment required in LCD/LED repair
  • Introduction to various tools like Analog Multi-meter, Digital Multi Meter, Hot Air Soldering Station, Re-balling Machine, Digital Microscope
  • Assembling and disassembling a TV
  • Basic Tools used in assembling and disassembling
  • Precautions and safety measures used problem while assembling led lcd and disassembling
  • Finding and fixing of faults
  • Quick diagnosis of defective parts
  • Troubleshooting a TV and various problems
  • Various connection problems and their fixing
  • Fixing PSU (Power Supply Unit led lcd smart tv) failures, inverter board led lcd failures and main board failures panel board repairing solutions.
  • Fixing Video and Audio issues
  • Fixing OSD/Menu Failure
  • Fixing white screen led lcd, rainbow screen led lcd smart tv, negative reveres solutions, mirror image and line problem in picture issues
  • Fixing no backlight issue
  • Multimedia projectors, their functioning and common faults
  • Functioning, type and testing of Resistor
  • Functioning, type and testing of Capacitor
  • Functioning, type and testing of Inductor
  • Functioning, type and testing of Diode
  • Functioning, type and testing of Bridge Rectifier
  • Functioning, type and testing of Transistor
  • Functioning, type and testing of Mosfet
  • Functioning, type and testing of Optoisolator
  • Functioning, type and testing of Voltage Regulator
  • Basic maintenance and troubleshooting
• LVDS connections • LED TV Driver Board • LCD LED TV Panel Polarizer fixing • T-con Gamma IC voltages • COF COG Chips models • White Picture problems • Ghost picture problems • Liquid Crystals • Liquid Crystals Displays • The Power Supply Board • The Inverter Board • The Main Board • The Controller/T-con Board • The LCD Driver Board • The Stand By Circuit • The Liquid Crystal Display In Depth • Test Equipments • Schematic Diagrams • Useful Formulas • How To Assemble Disassemble An LCD TV • Voltage Test Points • The Tap Test • Freeze Spray and hair Dryers • Connection Problems • PSU (Power Supply Unit) Failures • Inverter Board Failures • No Video • No Audio • OSD/Menu Failure • White Screen • Rainbow Screen • Screen Flashes Then TV Shut Down • No Back Light • Lines In Picture • Cracked Panel • LCD TV Repair Case Histories • Safety • Parts Distributors Led Lcd Smart tv repairing course provide ABC Mobile Institute of Technology.

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